What is this life if…

What is this life if full of distraction, you don’t find the time to write with passion? Many a day, I feel the urge to pen away. On what? No particular topic. Just anything and whatever the topic, I want to have fun with it, the words, and my thoughts.

But distractions-everyday ones and others come in the way and one thing leads to another. Before I know it, my day is done and nothing found expression through my pen. So today, I thought that almost the first thing I should begin with is this. Give vent to my expressive side in writing. Well, I do make noise and do other things to express myself; don’t get me wrong! But using the written word, I seem to skip. 

So, I walk to my balcony, and sitting on my old sturdy wooden chair, I notice cloudiness. The sky is dull, leaves rustle somewhat, birds are rather quiet while one koyal bird sings. I hear a few crows at a distance and admire morning walkers, vegetable vendors rushing their wares to their stalls in the market, an elderly man climbing the steps of a bus ever so carefully, cyclists, motor bikers, some lines, some couples, and such.., all happening this one morning… 

Life just started to buzz say this Sunday morning. I could not help but notice that the loudest sounds are man – inspired. Busses and cars honk, and one loud – mouth yells out to his long lost buddies who eventually bring tea to sip with him. Engines and breaks of busses, big and small tempos, motor bikes, auto rickshaws rudely interrupt the relative peace of the morning.

Kolkata is coming out as I write while a part of the sky goes darker than the rest. Lovely breeze blows. Hah! And two youngsters walk to their cricket practice with cricket bat and stumps in their hands. 

Oops! My tea is waiting to be sipped. 

Cheers, world. Until next time!



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