Been a long time again

To the blogsite and my reader friends-

Wish you a very happy new year and I really mean ‘happy’.  Its not just a cliche.

Phew! Its been a long time, but I am back!

I think I got too busy and engrossed in things (work mostly :)), then just fell off the wagon, and struggled a bit to stand up, straighten myself, and run along the tracks to get on to the sturdy train. It happens; what d’ ya say?

So, much has happened since I posted my last blog.  From big set backs to some small ones derailed me.  I was devoid of time and inspiration to blog for more than a year.  I have taken a U-turn now and will post some of my thoughts and experiences in recent months.

Much has transpired in the world – from Canadian elections with young Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister, US elections with Donald Trump waiting to take on Presidency, to demonetization in India by Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi, to climate calamities and war disasters around the world, and more.  We take everything in our stride with smiles or frowns and move on.  Some of us do nothing while others become activists…We go through hard times but bounce back; there IS no other way.  Many rejoice…. there is much to be thankful about; yes?

Nevertheless, life is beautiful.  It is a pleasure and gratifying to be alive and kicking.  With that in mind and spirit, I welcome you all!


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