The Gold Rush…. What? Where?

Yes, yes, the gold rush!  Is there one?  Where?

Oh, actually I was watching ‘The Gold Rush’ as I was fervently cycling away at the gym yesterday. I did not know then, but later as I checked out its details on the internet, The Gold Rush is a 1925 silent comedy film, written, produced, and directed by Charlie Chaplin himself.

Charlie Chaplin was hilarious as usual.  He is a gold explorer, a brave but weak Lone Prospector, competing with strong men vying for the gold during the Klondike Gold Rush.  It was a scene where Charlie is saved by Big Jim from the clutches of a competitor (Black Larsen, I think). Big Jim and Charlie doze off in this cabin after celebrating their victory over Black Larsen and have a heavy booze night. They sleep so soundly that they do not realize what hits them at night.  A heavy blizzard dislodges the entire cabin off the ground and sweeps it through the snowy and icy plains to the edge of a cliff!  Actually, almost over the cliff.

In the morning, Charlie wakes up from his deepest slumber and oblivious to his surroundings, he gets up to walk to the washroom, I suppose.  Lo and behold, the cabin tilts a bit (it was about half over the cliff, you see) and petrified out of his wits, he wonders if he had eaten too much and drunk too much the night before.  He thinks that he was having a bad hangover!

charlie chap
From: Wikipedia.

He wakes up Jim who also feels weird because of the see-saw effect in the wobbling cabin!  The two stand at either side of the house, inside, causing the log cabin to tilt back and forth, while the jokers remain clueless at what is happening.  Eventually, Jim who was big and sturdy, slides onto the same side as Charlie, and the cabin shifts some more over the cliff precariously hanging by a very tiny bit.  Its door flings open, and out slides Charlie…..!

While all this was going on, what was I doing in the gym on the bike? Going past my normal speed with my heart racing to 128.  I was in splits laughing my head off and thinking of our snowy winter in Canada.  By that time, I realized I had done 1 and half times the distance and speed that I normally do and was time to slow down!

Charlie and The Gold Rush brought back memories!  It was so good to laugh and enjoy the simple yet artful humor in Charlie Chaplin’s movies. This particular film was supposed to be one that Charlie wanted to be best remembered for!

If you can, do watch it with your family and have an evening of laughter and togetherness!

—  Jagjit


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